2022 Goals

I lay out and breakdown my hopes and dreams, then turn them into something I feel is attainable in a year.

Monday, January 3, 2022
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Cory McCabe

To be honest, I don’t like writing writing, especially writing down goals as I often fall short on them.

However, I love having documentation of the past, and I'm trying to see myself and my situation today as a moment of the past that I would find insightful later in life.

My goal with writing my goals (😂)

I want to look back on this and realize just how much clarity, focus, and direction I'm lacking.

I have many dreams and goals, but I lack the follow-through.

Before I determine what I’d like to accomplish this year in 2022, here are things I want to accomplish, or be a part of my lifestyle in the foreseeable future:

  • Make films and series
  • Film behind-the-scenes with a crew for movies
  • Have high-paying recurring clients cover 100% of my bills
  • At-home work (video editing, animating)
  • On-set video shoots
  • Be proficient at 2D animation
  • Build a VFX skillset
  • Build a 3D animation skillset
  • Get stronger, more flexible, and have a higher endurance
  • Run a monthly podcast / YouTube video

So, now I’ve listed out generally what I want to be a part of my life for the foreseeable future, I’ll attempt to prioritize a few that I feel are attainable in a year’s time.

Creator Recommendations

Filmstro (customizable music)

Webflow (website on steroids)

ConvertKit (grow your audience)

Mighty Networks (build a community)

Gear Recommendations

Camera: URSA Mini Pro 12K

Battery: Reytric 300Wh V-Mount

Editor: DaVinci Resolve Studio

Light: Aputure LS 300X