A Podcast on Analytical Thinking for Filmmakers

Conversations about movies & filmmaking through both an objective and subjective lens.

Latest Episodes

2 Keys to Write Compelling Characters for Your Film

How to write characters with more depth and believability.
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Is Onward Pixar-Worthy? (Contains Spoilers) A Deep Dive with Alx McCabe

Let’s deep dive into Pixar’s 2020 film.
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The Different Ways to Experience Movies – With Stephen Barbettini

Experiencing films in multiple ways.
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Writer & Director || Host

Strong believer in film being an artform first and foremost above pushing any agenda or message. Cory loves diving deep into the technical and philosophical, the objective and the the subjective, and sharing thought-challenging ways to look at the world, especially as it pertains to the world of film.



Movie Noob || Co-host

Loves “dumb actions movies”, as she likes to put it. Alx likes to watch big-picture action thrillers, but will often enjoy branching out to watching just about any genre except for most horrors. Favorite movies include Moulin Rouge Pacific Rim, She brings a great perspective into movies from an outside look as she is not a filmmaker herself.



Film Enthusiast || Co-host

Stephen’s top 3 favorite films are 2001: A Space Odyssey, The Tree of Life, and Stand By Me. He loves giving his first watch of a film a very serious take with a critical eye (see The Different Ways to Experience Film).

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