Enjoyment vs. Entertainment

Comparing enjoyment and entertainment of art and films.

Wednesday, April 14, 2021
• Published by
Cory McCabe

When comparing enjoying art or films vs. entertainment of art or films, I think the aspect of connection is the key difference.

Being entertained is a fun distraction.

  1. Entertainment: leisure, relaxation, distraction, and fun.
  2. Enjoyment: pleasure, comfort, gratification, delight, and appreciation.

I handpicked these synonyms from each word’s listed synonyms that stood out to me.

I wish for my films to be enjoyed, and envelop the watcher, rather than put on the living room TV while busy in the kitchen.

To enjoy something is take pleasure in, be immersed with, and appreciate.

It means much more to enjoy someone’s company than it does to be entertained by them.

However, it’s not a insult to say someone is entertaining, especially if that is their desire. Likewise, in film, it is not necessarily undesirable to be entertained by movies, namely when it is that movie’s desire to be entertaining.

Consider these two sentences:

“You entertain me as a person.”
“I enjoy you as a person.”

Which is more meaningful?

It’s worth pointing out that this can greatly depend on the genre of film. While it’s true, perhaps, that an action film can be a artistic, generally speaking, a drama is more likely to have the goal of wanting to be viewed as an art than an action movie

What are your thoughts?

Is it more meaningful to enjoy something or to be entertained by it?

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