Tell Us About Your Film!

We’re going to ask a series of questions about your project that help determine how we can best suit your needs and if we’re going to be a great fit.
How many days in total will you be shooting?
Account a couple extra days for pick-ups
How many crew members will be on set during your biggest scene?
How many actors will be on set during your biggest scene?
Include extras
Do you currently sell any of the following?
Select all that apply
Do you have a project next in line after this one is complete?
Is it ok for our Team Leader to interview the head departments during the shoot at opportune times, including, but not limited to, the Director, Assistant Director, Producers, Director of Photography, Gaffer, Sound Mixer, Hair & Makeup, and Set Designers for a minimum of 15 minutes?
Will the cast and crew be signing an image release form for your production?
Are you ok with adding this to your process for all cast and crew members on set, to include photos, videos, and audio will be captured of them on set?
It looks like we may not be a good fit at this time.

Please consider us when your productions have all cast and crew members signing image release forms.
How many outdoor shoots will there be?
Include car scenes
How many indoor shoots will there be?
Exclude car scenes
Who will be the primary contact?
We will contact this person for coordinating on the day, invoicing via email, payment, and exchanging information on our timeline for BTS material, courses, and other services.
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